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May 2, 2014 8:00pm PDT
of germany for example that nato would not know one each for their deeds were valid violating major league by president clinton and continued to be violated by george bush. i don't blame russia for its great for our instincts to stop it. so that's a big part of the negotiating posture both countries are taking to the ice age for example could wind up green announcing the agreement that i believe was announced in tbilisi where we said that we were looking for georgia to eventually eventually be a member of the site of the american is going to die for tbilisi and article five applied to tbilisi with my tomato a phony alliance immediately. i make those having a hard time as it is anyway. it doesn't have the resolute desk trying anymore since the soviet threat went away and were desperately trying to find one for a doubt are out of area operations became the latest attempt to do so in afghanistan and elsewhere so visit this is a complex problem but it does have the answers to it. it just requires exquisite diplomacy had a lot of ability on both moscow and large the spark to sort of book of sit
May 2, 2014 5:00pm PDT
march reminiscent of nineteen thirties germany through the city demanding that the ports regime not take definitive action too assert its control over the keystone of the country. armed and with this pressure that's on them to do something. it seems likely that they will further attempt incursions and just what you say that mom that we've been hearing to the old saying from outback a bomb. i think we can just hear the sand by committee and when he actually said he believed to be. i kept up with the wild child restraints are consumed the biggest concerns that we've seen as the russian propaganda that has been blasted out non stop suggesting somehow that the ukrainian government is responsible for the problems in eastern ukraine. the crane government has shown remarkable restraint throughout this process. her strength yet. well of course this is the way it actually american propaganda littered with incredible hypocrisy and double standards because president obama and the rest of us foreign policy establishment when making such statements about the rights of government not to use force to r
May 2, 2014 10:30am PDT
ukraine and germany. this is true of harnessing. wait a second in kimonos has lost its not considered an opponent and notes upon the cause of the swelling the ukrainian fine. the one scene. bonnie's life the county. and i was some breaking news on the sea at least two ukrainian troops and one self defense funny to have been killed to kiev relaunch the miniature castle on the east tennessee to have fun be honest which is held my anti government protest as the cca in the donetsk region has a population of just about a hundred thousand. and it's now been painted with people unable to monterey scary. the us. you can see the times of desperate non locals have been trying to prevent it brings me to call a black criminal unseen by simply standing in the way the truth didn't seem all that can stand up for a show which kicks off at the leak came from by the ground and ground and that was the helicopters were sent to read these kinds of that plan b i t was gunned down by the self defense forces the ukrainian army decided to hold and race fall in the corrections. and an injured my leg was taken
May 1, 2014 8:00pm PDT
around the world. allow the military equipment that now being given away. in germany chancellor on guam are full of rides today and ethan seen this wall there's a divide between the us and germany over the nsa surveillance so what will be on the agenda the latest on the chancellor's visit coming up. half the capital protesters demanded the president stop deportation. they're generating perceiving that every gathering in response to a record number of deportations under the obama administration more on that later also a fan. there is any perth by him and watch i'm an irrigated you're wanting to hurt america. we did today with the latest in so many of the art speaks with a series on military way east. the us military is now strategizing ways to drive down the troops in afghanistan at the end of twenty fourteen but when the american person now isn't the only task at hand. after a decade of war pentagon officials are trying to figure out how to drive down billions of dollars in military equipment while he was looking and we are the pentagon's spending went wrong. art evening and lopez has m
May 1, 2014 5:00pm PDT
's a significant brain drain with many people leaving greece to go to germany. in other countries in the north the process. critics say something like that. twenty percent by two thousand and sixteen. ours was. we had the league's themselves don't feel that saying. probably some of the upright. but here's my colleagues to set up my day celebrations elsewhere in europe. a trip to see jaws of money to buy a cd of different grapes close to the trade union. read the full front office and ratty they are out protesting against job cuts and campaigning the backs of lacking consistency but stephens thompson as the anti cox campaign as an anti war activists who have come to make a stand in halfback said in a period of austerity. we got a vicious dog monday tories and liberals it's not like the movement. so one of my commitment. watts back with the government has systematically take a poll on what good are the components of our system of government and its lack of wealth and at the sloshing of sale of what it's like to think right next to its attention to. i've read a chart and we ended up with all the
Apr 28, 2014 5:00pm PDT
a productive germany needs of this kept them in this profession is up. shy and vibrant and women treat john p thomas he's a funny side by side tx french president has the cuisine has also told rt that the would be very difficult for you have to agree on economic sanctions i heave a surprise as more european country to find a common position on the good of the tension was like the seaweed into the boat ride this weekend into politics. it sort of certainty say we don't. geez the week. that's why we arrived at fifteen. once it starts to strategic partners just to be a fixed it and she now has to be debt free when you import fuel to russia to which the kids so when i was really awful. it was out with him and. yes i'm so full of finance and foreign minister. i'm going head to head in a run of the country's top job was going to be as crazy as it gets bought the plans of taking charge the country's next president will be blended with the economy was heading from detroit left to take a look now at to why the situation in afghanistan isn't i am. the sun isn't dependent on foreign eight tens of billion
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6